Help - building Linux standalones

David McNab david at
Wed Apr 23 08:50:59 CEST 2003


I've been battling to build an app as a linux standalone.

Using McMillan Installer, I've successfully created a standalone for
Windows which works to expectations.

But in Linux-land, we get into dramas with system library versions.
(I'm on debian, using glibc v2.3. Not all distros use this version, such
as mandrake, which uses 2.2).

For one, McMillan Installer doesn't include system libraries in the
distribution directory. The 'standalones' which it generates require the
same version of system libs to be present on the target system - not an
acceptable outcome.

Switching to the 'freeze' utility, we get a bunch of sources that
compile/link/run ok, as long as they're linked against shared system libs,
and the same version of these libs is present on the target. Same problem.
But when linked against static libc.a, m.a, pthread.a etc, the resulting
program just segfaults.

Also, I've tried to build Python 2.2.2 to itself link the system libs
statically, but I've walked into a minefield here - the generated python
interpreter crashes. 

If anyone has managed to build python progs into Linux standalones that
don't require specific sys lib versions, can you please tell me what
you've done and how you've done it?

Thanks most kindly in advance for any help

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