Py2.3: Feedback on Sets

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Thu Aug 14 07:45:00 CEST 2003

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>     Russell> I suspect the upgrade issue will significantly slow the
>     Russell> incorporation of sets and the other new modules, but that over
>     Russell> time they're likely to become quite popular. I am certainly
>     Russell> looking forward to using sets and csv.
> The csv module (and the _csv module which underpins it) should work with
> 2.2.3.  If they don't, please file a bug report.
>     Russell> I think it'd speed the adoption of new modules if they were
>     Russell> explicitly written to be compatible with one previous
>     Russell> generation of Python (and documented as such) so users could
>     Russell> manually include them with their code until the current
>     Russell> generation of Python had a bit more time to be adopted.
> That was the intention with the csv module.  I wonder if some limitations to
> use of sets with 2.2.x could be gotten around by adding a __future__ import?
> Maybe itertools is also needed.

In the documentation for the itertools module, I intensionally included
pure python versions of each tool that make backporting easy.  You
can cut and paste the documentation into a module with
from __future__ import generators and have a Py2.2 version of
itertools that would enable the sets module to run just fine.

Still, why not upgrade to Py2.3?  The bug fixes were all ported to 2.2.3
and into Py2.3 so that the essential differences are the new modules
and some minor language improvements.

Raymond Hettinger

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