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>>6.  Are there alternatives to having the
>>    two of you write a "package" from 
>>    scratch?  A LOT of software for college
>>    administration has been written already;
>>    is none of it appropriate for your situ-
>>    ation?
>$500,000 to get the level of a product that we need as a complete
>solution.  There
>are a lot of little programs that would meet individual needs, many of
>which we now
>use but we need a complete integrated solution at this point.   We are a Bible 
>college and do have some unique needs for our students also.  
One role Python fulfills well is "glue" that links
together existing programmatic resources.  Inte-
gration's a great thing.  So is re-use of work
that already exists.  I wonder if there's some
way for you to have both.

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