Python for web ?

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Dec 1 17:00:56 CET 2003

Jay O'Connor wrote:
> black wrote:
> > Howdy everyone~
> >
> > i heard Python could be used in web programming and aftering searching
> > many docs just found something on Python and CGI. the fact is i know
> > nothing about CGI and most of my projects(both of company and myself)
> > are established with PHP and ASP. now the questions come:
> >
> > 1. Could Python be used in web programming ? (i guess yes ?)
> > 2. If the answer of above is yes, then can we programms with Python in
> > both server and client side or either ?
> If by 'client side' you mean 'Python embedded in the HTML page' like
> PHP, I think it's possible but I tend to avoid it.  

Isn't that quite clearly *server-side*, not client side?  AFAIK, all
PHP pages have the server doing the page generation, not the client.

Client-side would be like Java or Javascript is typically used.  The
answer is still "yes", but it's really not a workable solution in 
general because (a) the client machine needs Python installed and
registered for COM stuff, and (b) there are serious security concerns
doing this since Python doesn't have the security restrictions that
Javascript and Java do.

> First off, for any
> such HTML embedded scripting you have to have a server that while parse
> and execute the script.  A lot of ISPs offer that for PHP but I'm not
> sure about for Python. More importantly, though, I'm not a big fan of
> the architecture of having HTML code interspersed with script coding.  I
> think you'd end up with a better software design with a normal
> CGI-template approach

Agreed on all that...


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