'then' 'else' for deprecating 'and' 'or' side effects

andrew cooke andrew at acooke.org
Thu Feb 27 12:01:49 CET 2003

that's fine too, except that the wording of the PEP suggests that is has
to be done "now or never" which doesn't seem to includ waiting for other

(i seem to be replying to a mailing list i'm not subscribed to when i
originally posted to usenet...)


Chermside, Michael said:

>> i would guess the general consensus on this is something like
>> "lazy evaluation may be powerful in some cases, but we can get the
>> same functionality in other ways and we don't want to scare the
>> bejeezus out of newbies".  to which i'd reluctantly agree.
> Actually I'm more under the impression that the consensus is
> closer to "Lazy evaluation. Hmm... Neat, but it's much bigger
> change, and should be considered separately." Check out the
> discussion under "PEP 309" threads for one approach.
> -- Michael Chermside


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