portalocker in Win98

Richard Jones rjones at ekit-inc.com
Tue Jan 14 21:48:18 CET 2003

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003 6:10 am, Robin Becker wrote:
> In article <fe35b211.0301140932.62d3d334 at posting.google.com>, Vic
> <vic at innocent.com> writes
> >I'm brand new to Python. I saw Roundup working at work, and decided to
> >try an installation at home.
> >
> >The initial testing (run_tests) fails with 95 errors - these all
> >appear to be file-locking problems. I've scoured the web, and found
> >out about the unsupported file-lock stuff used by portalocker.py.
> >
> >So - has anyone got this going on Win98? Is there a potted solution I
> >can use, or have I got loads of re-coding to do (I'm a C programmer,
> >so thst's not going to happen any time soon...)
> There's another thread about this right now and some have suggested
> using a directory lock file to avoid certain NFS problems.

The issue at hand is that the portalocker code uses the win32 API to do 
locking on windows, but win98 doesn't support it. Or something. I'm not 
completely sure. I do know that NFS doesn't come into it...

If anyone knows how to lock a file on win98, I'd really appreciate a hint.


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