Books for newbies

Tyson Tate nilobject at
Fri Jan 24 00:56:05 CET 2003

My first post! (Everyone, now, "noob!")

Anyhow, I just first started to dig into Python yesterday and I must 
say I'm quite impressed. I like it's easy learning curve, however, I've 
now exhausted my newbie tutorials and I'm ready to start investing to 
go further in Python. I was wondering what are some recommended books 
are. I'm looking for books that assume general programming knowledge 
(OOP, classes, basic concepts, etc) and cover everything from the 
basics to more advanced topics.

I was unable to find a way to search the list archives from, so I'm sorry if 
this is one of the most common posts.

I'm also curious as to where some good repositories of example code and 
re-useable methods/procedures/whatever are.


Tyson Tate, Editor
Entropy Magazine
"Nourishment For The Starved."

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