Database newbie - Sound Software Engineering practice for DB

Otto Tronarp otttr440 at
Sat Jan 25 12:51:08 CET 2003

On Wed, 2003-01-22 at 03:43, Mongryong wrote:
> You should learn how to design good DBs by hand first if you haven't
> done so already.  The two main concepts you'll want to learn about is
> 'normalization' and 'denormalization'. You should become familiar with
> terms like 'primary' and 'foreign' keys.
After googling and reading I'll think I have a basic understanding of
the concepts now, thanks for the search keys.

> Once you have a good handle on designing DBs by hand, it should be easy
> to translate your design into SQL statements.
> Now, it's just a matter of learning the API and applying good
> programming design patterns.  The latter part is a huge subject on its
> own.  A concept you might want to learn about is 'connection pooling'.

Sounds like a good technique to study, I'll guess I'll have to do some
mor reading. 

> Most of this information, if not all, should be on the web.  Or, you can
> do what I did and pick a book on MySQL.  Most books should cover DB
> design (by hand), SQL, APIs, and design approaches.  
> Good luck!



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