Correction: next PyGTA meeting is *Tuesday* February 18, 8-10 pm

Peter Hansen peter at
Mon Jan 27 16:41:29 CET 2003

Doh!  The announcement as posted was wrong, although the wiki page 
at was and still is 

The meeting _is_ on February 18, but that day is a _Tuesday_.  Not any 
of those other days, but TUESDAY.  Yes, in the past we have met on 
another day of the week that begins with the letter "T", but this time
we are changing, looking for fertile new ground, experimenting with
variations on a theme, going where no meeting of PyGTA has gone before.

Sorry for the confusion.  Please undo the corrections you've already
been making to all your calendars.  Leave Thursday marked as the 20th,
don't start complaining that "" must be wrong, just come out 
to PyGTA on the TUESDAY of that week and all will be right in the world.

See you there!  ;-)

P.S.: There are those who may claim that this was yet another attempt 
by the PSU to use the time machine to modify history.  I feel it is
my public duty to warn them that the PSU is *severe* in punishing th

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