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David M. Cook davecook at nowhere.net
Mon Jan 6 10:48:46 CET 2003

In article <Mf6S9.108144$k13.4219684 at news0.telusplanet.net>, Lester wrote:

> Now I would like to port it over to something free and cross platform. 
> I would like to recreate the app and GPL it.  Python + MySQL looks good 
> because I can read and understand the code examples in the book -- Perl 
> gives me a headache.  BoaConstructor looks good.  Any thoughts on this 
> would be appreciated.

I'm writing a database app using pygtk (a python binding for Gtk) and
PostgreSQL.  I design my forms with glade.  This produces an XML file that
can be loaded by a python program and the widgets can be accessed by name.
In glade I name each entry widget (which may be a combo, text entry,
spinbox, etc) by table and field name: "tablename.fieldname".  Since the
widgets are not consistent in how values are gotten/set, I use a wrapper
around them to create a consistent interface.  

Of course, I have to handle getting the data to and from the database and
widgets myself.  Eventually I'd like to write an MVC-type framework for this
so that this happens automagically.

For getting data out of the database, you might want to look at something
like SQLDict.  See


One of the more interesting object-relational mappers is:


It uses Zope, which I don't grok yet.

Dave Cook

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