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Tue Jan 21 17:56:45 CET 2003

"Markus von Ehr" <markus.vonehr at> ???????/???????? ? ????????
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> I want to add a control Panel on the left side.
> In this Panel I want a Notebook filling the whole available space.
> Unfortunately the notebook remains very small, too small for placing
> controls inside.
> What can I do that the notebook always fills the whole available area,
> independent of the parents size?

Yes, sizers and layouts don't work for wxNotebook. I hope it will be fixed
in the next versions. The only thing I can propose is to use code like that.
I use this variant:

        nb = wxNotebook(self, -1, (0, 0), size=self.GetClientSize(), style =
        def OnFrameSize(evt, self=self, nb=nb):
        EVT_SIZE(self, OnFrameSize)

This works for all cases, at least in Windows. self here is wxNotebook

Best regards, Lexy.

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