Debugging mixed Python and C++ -- possible?

Detlev Offenbach detlev at
Thu Jan 23 20:29:18 CET 2003

Mike Rovner wrote:

> "Carl Bevil" <carl_bevil at> wrote in message
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>> In this situation, what do people here suggest?  The debugger will run
>> on
> a
>> Windows machine, but needs to debug Python code running on a device
> elsewhere
>> on the network.  I think it probably will have to be able to attach to
>> an already running process, and will have to deal with the interpreter
>> being embedded in another application.
> I used WingIDE to remote debug Python code inside C app on Solaris from
> Windows.
> Worked just fine.
>> Am I expecting too much?
> Not at all ;)

Eric3 should be able to do this as well.

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