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> The first group would make arguments like "Why is the object oriented
> programming class taught in SmallTalk?  Nobody uses SmallTalk, why
> don't you teach it in Java?"  The second would make arguments like
> "SmallTalk is one of the most pure OO languages available, Java is not
> nearly as good for teaching OOD."
> I, along with most of the professors, was in the second group.  It
> sounds like you are in the first.  For what it's worth, our professors
> had no problem with informing people of trade schools in our area
> where they could learn to program in Java or C++ or whatever, they
> just refused to orient their curricula around current language trends.
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> Christopher A. Craig <com-nospam at>
> "Software hoarding is not a victimless crime." Richard Stallman
I would absolutely teach students multiple languages and stimulate them to
understand advantages and disadvantages of different languages. A CS
graduate should be able to program different languages and understand the

regards Gerrit


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