Python vs PHP

Afanasiy abelikov72 at
Wed Jul 9 19:22:17 CEST 2003

On 9 Jul 2003 06:20:24 GMT, ngps at (Ng Pheng Siong) wrote:

>According to Afanasiy  <abelikov72 at>:
>> Python web development is fragmented. 
>  Wafer is a research project which compares the many open source web
>  application frameworks which are available using a common example
>  application. This research project is designed to compare the application
>  frameworks on a level field by specifying an example application so that
>  the application features become irrelevent and the merits of each
>  framework becomes the focus.
>Java ones only.

I explore and often create the feature lists of platforms through common
ground example applications in all my evaluations, web related or not.

It would be nice to have a Python equivalent. Unfortunately, for now I
need to just get started on some things myself rather than convince a
bunch of other people to do the same. I suppose this could be the best
way to show so many of the factors I've been listing for months which
are apparently invisible. I'm sure people agree with me, but they do
not participate in Usenet, and are very busy being important.

I can also imagine any sort of attempt at comparison, like a benchmark,
or the infamous language shootout, would be absolutely ridiculed.
I personally consider them fairly useful, but most do not and I am
wary of spending so much time on something which would eventually, or
perhaps not so eventually, devolve into personal attacks.

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