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>Quoth Thomas Güttler:
>> I have a function called _() which prints 
>> strings according to the language of the user.
>> I don't want to give this method the object which
>> holds the language information every time I call it.
>> How can I access the calling object?
>I'm not sure what you mean by "the calling object".  sys._getframe
>provides frames from further up the call stack, but I'm not sure
>how this relates to what you want to do.
>It sounds a little like you want a dynamically scoped environment
>containing (possibly among other things) localization information
>for the current user.  I suppose you could implement such a thing
>by trolling through stack frames, but this seems a bit hackish.
>An alternative approach would be to pass _ into each function
>which needs to produce output.  _ could be a closure,
>    def makelocalizer(lang):
>        def _(s):
>            # return s in language lang
>        return _
>for example.  This avoids passing the language to _, but adds
>passing _ around.  Does this help at all?

Close.  _() should be an attribute of the user object.
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