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Mike Rovner mike at
Fri Jun 13 00:57:11 CEST 2003

"DB_RobertP" <member31018 at> wrote in message
> What systems do people use to easily make C/C++ code visible to Python?
> I'm currently checking out Swig, but I've heard others mentioned. If

Take a look at

> anyone has any experience with these systems, could you recommend one to
> look into? Also, any other general pointers when trying to extend C/C++
> code to python sctipts would be greatly appreciated.

In simple cases you can get your extension module to work in minutes.
Fine-tuning it, however, can take weeks and depends on os, compiler version
Generally it not so much depends on extension system you choose.

So feel free to try several to get the taste. You probably end up, as I did,
with favorites for the task in hand.
You are welcome in several mailing lists devoted to each tool:

Good luck and have fun!

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