XML (fwd)

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at pythonware.com
Sat Jun 28 22:05:08 CEST 2003

Mel Wilson wrote:

> >Add entity escaping
> >Add namespace declarations
> >Add namespace modified tags
> >Add namespace modified attributes
> [ ... ]
> >... and then you're almost there.
> >
> >What could be easier?
>    Thanks.  I'm making a study list for my next run through
> _XML in a Nutshell_.  DTD validation I know and handwaved
> away, the rest is on.  Namespaces particularly.  The people
> I was seeing coming to Usenet to be peeved at XML were
> dwelling on the issues I did cover.  xml.sax seems to
> have handled a lot without bothering me.

As any reasonable XML library does, of course: when processing XML,
you don't really need to care about more than elements, attributes,
and character content.  (IIRC, Sean McGrath used to talk about the
four piggies; start tags, end tags, attributes, and data)

And when producing XML, you can pick whatever subset you feel
confident using.  (usually the four piggies plus character entities).


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