[ANN] pylint-0.1.2

achrist at easystreet.com achrist at easystreet.com
Wed Jun 25 23:17:27 CEST 2003

Thanks  giga.  I thought that NT didn't give me a choice about that,
but now I've set it bigger.  That will  be great if it works.  Gotta
reboot to try it.


David Bolen wrote:
> achrist at easystreet.com writes:
> > I just hit an unfixable (for now) problem with pychecker, too.
> > Ran out of memory.  My machine is WinNT 4.0 + 128 MB, and running
> > pychecker on a program (40k LOC + wxPython + a few other library
> > packages) runs me out of memory with nothing else running.
> > (I've got an old machine for which it is very hard to find memory
> > upgrade)
> How about some more disk?  And what's your virtual memory set to?  It
> may stink in terms of performance, depending on what the real working
> set size is, but just giving yourself some more virtual memory (aka
> disk or upping the defined swap) should take care of the out of memory
> error.
> That is unless the code is actually tickling some sort of bug in
> PyChecker that causes it to burn memory unnecessarily.
> -- David

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