[Q] Databases -- Gadfly vs Metakit vs SQLite

yaipa h. yaipa at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 16 06:57:28 CET 2003


All fair statements and valid concerns. Just ask all the VB6
programmers looking down the barrel of VB.net.


achrist at easystreet.com wrote in message news:<3E73CD04.9AFA6F94 at easystreet.com>...
> "yaipa h." wrote:
> > 
> > If you are not worried about cross platform, then why not
> > use the Jet (access) DB. 
> Yes, that's part of Windows, so it's almost safe to assume that it's
> there, and you can get to it through com.  However, I don't want to
> worry one bit about what version is there or if MS will put in changes
> in subsequent releases that will break my application.  And I'd rather
> embed the database so that I don't have to worry about the user changing
> it with an MS desktop app to violate my rules of relational integrity
> and crash my app.
> Al

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