GUI Toolkits(Python and XUL)

John J Lee jjl at
Sun Mar 9 18:42:42 CET 2003

On Sat, 8 Mar 2003, Thomas G. Willis wrote:
> So, if I wanted to render a UI in XUL to yield all the benefits of HTML
> in the presentation logic, but have event handlers from the DHTML DOM
> point to/call/manipulate objects written in python, I'm S.O.L. right
> now. Supposedly the mozilla folks are working on this or at least have
> stated a desire to get XUL into languages other than C++ or Javascript.

Any links on this?  Presumably this effort is related to XPCOM?

I have been thinking a little about wiring up Mozilla's Javascript
interpreter with Python, probably using SWIG, for web automation purposes
(automatic execution of HTML-embedded JS from Python, with a limited DOM
(mostly stubs), and ability to override event handlers in Python).  This
sounds like it might possibly be relevant to that.


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