Can this be written more concisely in a functional style

Alexander Schmolck a.schmolck at
Tue Nov 18 18:48:34 CET 2003

tweedgeezer at (Jeremy Fincher) writes:

> jcb at (MetalOne) wrote in message news:<92c59a2c.0311172340.544faac6 at>...
> > Maybe my post was not clear.
> > I want a means to test if there exists an element in the list that
> > satisfies a predicate.
> Sure there is.  The code that you showed was an excellent way to do
> so.
> > Actually, when I word it that way, I guess what I want is PEP 289,
> > universal and existential qualifiers.
> > 
> > I guess I'll have to wait.
> Why?  Why not just stuff the code you wrote into an appropriately
> named function and use that?
> Anyway, here are more efficient implementations:
> def any(p, seq):
>     """Returns true if any element in seq satisfies predicate p."""
>     for elt in itertools.ifilter(p, seq):
>         return True
>     else:
>         return False

Another alternative (also works for python2.2, but is likely to be slower):

def some(predicate, *seqs):
    iterables = map(iter, seqs)
        while 1:
            boo = predicate(*[ for iterable in iterables])
            if boo: return boo
    except StopIteration: return False


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