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Sat Nov 15 02:23:59 CET 2003

On Sat, 15 Nov 2003 00:34:47 -0000, Steve Lamb wrote:
> On 2003-11-14, Ben Finney wrote:
> > On Fri, 14 Nov 2003 06:28:24 -0600, A.M. Kuchling wrote:
> > > There's a finite number of dollars being spent on general Python
> > > books
> > What evidence do you have for this?
> What evidence do you have to the contrary?

The one who presents the theorem is the one on whom the burden of proof
falls.  Messrs Kuchling presented something as fact, without supporting
evidence nor accounting of contrary evidence.

> why you think that your way of thinking is the predominant one; IE
> more books on the shelf means you're going to buy more books on that
> topic?  

Thanks, I don't need any straw men.  I never said this way of thinking
was mine, nor that it was predominant.

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