[XPOST] [REQ] open source multimedia authoring tools? In python maybe?

stefanogaburri StefanoZAP.THIS at gaburri.net
Thu Nov 6 19:56:38 CET 2003

email9898989 at yahoo.com wrote:

> I forgot to mention, if it can be Windows-only, you can embed Internet
> Explorer in your wxPython app and play the videos with it.  See
> ActiveXWrapper_IE in the wxpython demo.

interesting - besides the fact that this and the Acrobat wrapper don't 
seem to work on my machine :)

> David Woods also figured out a way to play video in wxPython using an
> ActiveX interface to ActiveMovie on the Windows side and a
> Carbon/Quicktime wrapper for the Mac side:

ok, I'll try to find the time to check them out, although Kevin's 
E.Class Builder above seems more promising right now... thanks again,


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