recommendations for python web programming tools

Skip Montanaro skip at
Tue Nov 18 18:26:37 CET 2003

    Dennis> Matthew Wilson fed this fish to the penguins on Tuesday 18
    Dennis> November 2003 07:53 am:

    >> I am about to start designing a web application for my office
    >> intranet. It is pretty simple: we need a way to track conversations
    >> with contacts and a way to update contact information.

    Dennis> I'm not an expert, but have you looked at Zope?

I am not an expert, but Zope is often overkill, especially if your
requirements don't match Zope's assumptions.

I recently discovered Quixote from MEMS Exchange (well, I've known about it
for awhile, but only recently began experimenting with it) and have become
quite enamored with it.  It looks like if your environment meets these basic

    * unix-y platform

    * your website developers are already Python programmers

    * you don't need to support remote site editing by potentially hostile
      folks (like your marketing and engineering departments)

then you might want to take a close look at Quixote.  It's programming model
is somewhat different than that for most other web app/publishing systems.
You essentially program in Python for most tasks and sprinkle in some HTML
instead of the other way around.  It's also got a very small footprint.  The
full source tree is under 700k, so it's quite possible that if you need to
consult the source you'll actually be able to find the relevant source to
gaze at.

Details can be found here:


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