[XPOST] [REQ] open source multimedia authoring tools? In python maybe?

email9898989 at yahoo.com email9898989 at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 6 19:27:52 CET 2003

> > Or, you can use python for the app/quiz tool, and to play videos just
> > launch the video file so that it opens in the user's movie player or
> > browser, but you cannot play the video inside your python app.
> this is quite ugly, although effective; I'd do it but the final client 
> (an university) would find it undoubtely "too cheap" - also, it's bound 
> to give installation/portability problems unless you install every 
> possibile used tool, and I'd rather have something like SDL/pygame take 
> care of that layer...

I forgot to mention, if it can be Windows-only, you can embed Internet
Explorer in your wxPython app and play the videos with it.  See
ActiveXWrapper_IE in the wxpython demo.

David Woods also figured out a way to play video in wxPython using an
ActiveX interface to ActiveMovie on the Windows side and a
Carbon/Quicktime wrapper for the Mac side:
See the video_mac.py and video_msw.py files here:

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