datetime and strptime

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Wed Nov 19 18:09:31 CET 2003

Magnus Lie Hetland <mlh at> wrote:
> In article <mailman.762.1068928058.702.python-list at>, Gerrit
> Holl wrote:
>>it seems the datetime library does not have a .strptime class method.
> [snip]
> Have a look at PEP 321:
> It seems to describe one possible future for the parsing capabilities
> of datetime. Under "Generic Input Parsing" the following question is
> posed: "Is a strptime() implementation that returns datetime types
> sufficient?" No clear answer, though.

I see that PEP targets Python 2.4. If the PEP is accepted and
implemented, I for one would love to see the implementation back-ported
to a 2.3.x patch release. This is something I also (briefly) considered
doing; unfortunately, I can't see myself having any time for this in the
foreseeable future...

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