How to accelerate python application GUI speed

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Wed Sep 3 15:32:42 CEST 2003


I use wxPython make a bittorrent client. I find wxPython very slow and
use many many memory.
When app start, it need 19MB memory. I only use common GUI components.
Python is a really good
programming language. But how to do a small,smart, efficency GUI in
win32,it's a big question.

I need make GUI,core code is bittorrent code. I can't change's
really good code.

I read book 'Python Programming on Win32' ,I get following idea. I
test it.

1. Use wxpython ,it's successful,but very slow .

2. use python for delphi. I test it, but it need embed python code to
delphi. So need
change original code.Actually I don't know how to change .it's big

3. User win32com, make a com server by delphi. com server have form.
make python code
as com client.  I make a com server and invoke the server by
pythonwin. but the form
can't show. :(   anyone do it ,could you share you code to world.

4. use pythonwin. mfc or win32gui framework. I check the demo code,
it's very complex.
you know I hate MFC. it's a joke. i like VCL so much. 

5. I have a another idea. use wxWindows (c lan) build a GUI. embed
python code .
or embed wxWindows code to python by SWIG. I have't test it. if you
have do it.
Please tell us.


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