My future Python IDE article

Corey Coughlin corey.coughlin at
Thu Sep 11 02:06:05 CEST 2003

As for me, I'm currently using Emacs, but I'd love to find a nice IDE.
 I can't even use IDLE at work, sadly, some arcane problem with
upgrading Tcl/Tk on Solaris 5.3 machines, very annyoing.  But
generally, it seems like it would be a little pointless to review
IDLE.  Since it's included, everyone can try it at their leisure.  The
same pretty much applies for X/Emacs, it's been around so long now
that by this time anyone who is going to try it is probably already
using it.  Sure, have a paragraph about standard editing solutions and
mention them, but don't focus on them.  I'd prefer to see some reviews
of the other, less standard editors out there, especially ones with
GUI editors, that sounds kind of cool.  Emphasis on cross-platform
solutions would also be good, as I said I'm using Solaris here at
work, but Windows and Linux at home.  I'd love to find a great editor
for all three environments.  I look forward to seeing the article!

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