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Wed Sep 10 16:46:38 CEST 2003

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> It was WinNT SP6 with java sdk 1.4101. I figured that I had given
> jEdit and the JVM a fairly demanding test -- I don't have much idea
> how you could write an app in any language that could manage resources
> like memory without leaking or fragmenting at least a little once in a
> while, and after a run of a few weeks, something demised.
> It didn't really bother me much, but if it happened again, that would
> have bothered me.  As this thread has shown, there are plenty of
> other options for python coders, so I moved on to try another.  I see
> that there is a bug-fix pre-release of jEdit now out.  Maybe I'll
> give that a try.
> Al

You should also update your JVM.  As I understand it, Java 1.4101 had some
problems, and has been superceded by 1.4.2.

JFYI, I've used jEdit for a couple years now for various small projects, as
well as using it just to edit text.  With the plug-ins, you can build an
editor that works the way you want it to. The Jython plug-in works great!

The last release of Java, 1.4 was also a speed enhancement release, so jEdit
is a little peppier. :-)


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