Codesample for xml/xslt transforming

Axel Straschil axel at
Tue Sep 9 16:35:27 CEST 2003


> BTW, I used to waste a lot of time with xslt. 

Jep, hard work for eight lines:
from Ft.Lib.Uri import OsPathToUri
from Ft.Xml import InputSource
from Ft.Xml.Xslt.Processor import Processor
STY = InputSource.DefaultFactory.fromUri('test.xsl')
SRC = InputSource.DefaultFactory.fromUri('test.xml')
proc = Processor()

> I think you are most of the time quicker with SAX for
> parsing XML and "print" to create XML.

It's for an CMS-System. I think XML and XLST is a good thing
if programmer and webdesigner have to work together, and you
realy want to seperate the content from the design
(Even when I think god had a bad day when he craeted 
webdesigner ;-).


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