Codesample for xml/xslt transforming

Axel Straschil axel at
Tue Sep 9 21:52:03 CEST 2003


> That looks like Python code to me, Axel, not XSLT <wink>.  It's

Yeah, I've ordered it, I've got it!

> writing the XSLT that's the pain, not interpreting it (though that can

Mhh, XSLT is not very usefull for programming, but I don't think that it 
hurts so much.

> XML is good because it's an widely-understood, easy-to-read,
> not-to-complicated, *non*-loathesome standard that gets the job done.
> XSLT... well, it's a standard.  And it has an 'X' in the name, of
> course, which is the killer feature <wink>.

I agree with you that all the X* things are an marketing killer feature.
Let mit tell you the little story how I came to the whole X-Biest:
Im programming with Zope/Python/PostgreSQL to produce dynamic content
for Webpages. I realy was fu**ed up of the whole PHP shit, where content
and source was sticked together. Zope makes thinks better, but not 
perfekt. I didn't want to switch to XSLT, becouse of speed. But I didn't
found anything better if you want to bring the content in an blackbox
to the webdesigner. I was also booring always digging around in the 
sources when the design of an site changed.
So, with XSLT, if design is changing, I don't care. I even don't care
about XSLT, becouse I should be the designers work to change it. I see
XLST as an "scripting language".


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