My future Python IDE article

Etienne Labuschagne etiennelabuschagne at
Tue Sep 9 09:35:37 CEST 2003

1st, 2nd and 3rd Boa Constructor

I find this quite stable on Windows (latest version 0.2.3) and I find
the following it's best features:

o THE BEST Zope support for a free IDE - create Zope objects such as
Files, DTML Documents, Page Templates, etc.  Debug Zope Python
Scripts, external methods, Zope itself, and to a limited extent, DTML
documents and Page Templates!
o Out of process debugger that can attach to remote Python processes
and debug Zope (THE best feature!), in multiple threads!  Debugger can
be a bit tempremental, but it's very powerful (I have debugged
client's systems over the internet!)
o Multiple transports - edit files on the file system, through FTP,
Webdav, etc.
o Nice editor, with tabbed view of all open files, full Regular
expression search and replace functionality (over multiple files),
reindetation function, code and parameter completion, code highliting
and hyperlink-like "jump to declaration".  Lots of other things not
mentioned here.
o wxPython GUI development (code generation, no XML)

There are some niggles, but personally I have found it quite stable
and VERY feature rich and probably the most feature rich environment
for Python and Zope. (I'm beginning to sound like a Zealot)

4th. PythonWin
A nice "side kick" to Boa for the very few things it does better than
Boa, has a nifty "Post mortem" debugger that breaks execution on an
exception (and rolls back to just before the exception).

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