ANN: Soprano 0.04 released

frank frank at
Thu Sep 18 16:32:29 CEST 2003

Soprano is a GUI app that scans a selected range of ip addresses and try to
get info about the hosts such as users, localgroups, shares, operating
This program only runs under windows.

changes 0.002 > 0.003:.
added settings window
setting are saved in xml and are stored under data\setting.xml
setting include:
"logon as" with username and password or use null request
resolv hostname
improved right click menu\submenu.

new functions:
add user
add group
add share
send msg (NetMessageBufferSend)

changes 0.003 > 0.04:.

Looks a lot better!!!!

Added splitterWindow

treectrl and textctrl are now "children" of splitterwindow (makes the whole
thing look a lot better and more dynamic)

All the information gathered is now saved the xml file data\soprano.xml.

The soprano.xml is used to display info about the selected host after the
initial scan.

The pinger is now a separate file (

Source code and windows binary at

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