How to get decimal form of largest known prime?

Tim Peters tim.peters at
Wed Jun 16 03:03:16 CEST 2004

[Delaney, Timothy C (Timothy)]
> Tim Peters is one of the primary developers *of* Python. We're very
> lucky that he happens to really like questions involving numeric stuff,
> and goes out of his way to answer them

Indeed you are <wink>.  The truth is more depressing, though:  I have
so little time to answer questions now, except on some weekends, that
I generally stick to questions only I *can* answer.  For example, I
used to answer all questions about Python dicts, but more than a few
people are intimately familiar with that code now, so now I usually
leave dict questions alone.  But very few people are (or ever were)
intimately familiar with Python's arithmetic code, so I still try to
field questions about that.

[Claudio Grondi]
> Now knowing you [Tim Peters] as a Python and programming
> expert, may I ask you even for more support by providing a
> reply to my other posting to this newsgroup:
>     "Python Scripting in Windows MSIE 6.0"?

I don't know anything about it -- but I'd reply if I was the only one
who did, and if it were a weekend <wink>.

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