Python 'Lets Me See The Forest'

Kamilche klachemin at
Fri Jun 4 19:11:57 EDT 2004

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> I am no C++ expert, to put it mildly, but couldn't some of your problems
> have been solved by using C++ instead of C?

Uh. Yeah. I know C++ sort of, I redid all my base code in preparation
for using it... and it decidedly DIDN'T mesh with my programming
style! :-O I gave it up after finding one too many complexities and
oddities in the language.

I've used quite a few languages... C, C++, Fortran, Pascal, Assembler,
COBOL, Basic, Visual Basic (6), Python, Javascript, and Hypercard. The
ones I used most heavily were COBOL, HyperCard, Visual Basic, and C.
The top 4 faves were VB, Python, HyperCard, and C, in that order.
HyperCard is dead now, but it had its day. Of the remaining 3, I'm
mainly using Python and C, since MS killed VB6.  They all had their
glories. Note the marked lack of C++ in the top 4. :-D You have to be
superhuman, or maybe just supertwisted, to be productive in that
language. :-O


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