how to become a really good Python programmer?

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>Randall Smith wrote:
>> I've been programming in Python for about 2 years.  I think it offers 
>> the best combination of simplicity and power of any language I have 
>> explored.  As I write more and larger and complex programs, I need to 
>> code better.  By better I mean clearer, cleaner, more efficient and 
>> maintainable.  As the subject states, I want to become a really good 
>> Python programmer.  
>I think one of the best ways to do that (in addition to the excellent
>suggestions you've already received) might be to learn test-driven
>development (TDD).  The things it will tell you about the clarity,
>cleanliness, efficiency, and maintainability of your own code will
>surprise you, and you'll likely improve rapidly in these areas as
>a result.
>Not to mention find yourself beginning to write code with fewer bugs!

Already mentioned in this thread was *The Python Cookbook*,
edited by leading practitioners of TDD.  For more on this 
book, as well as another written by the one of the authors,
see <URL: >
and the references there.

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