Another MSIE Python Question

Konstantin Veretennicov kveretennicov at
Mon Jun 21 07:11:39 EDT 2004

r.gable at (Ralph A. Gable) wrote in message news:<22b7fd40.0406190617.a33514 at>...
> I am opening MSIE6 with this code:
>     ie=Dispatch('InternetExplorer.Application.1')
>     ie.Navigate(url)
>     while ie.Busy:
>         time.sleep(0.1)
>     ied=ie.Document
>     while ied.ReadyState != 'complete':
>         time.sleep(0.1)
>     ieh=ied.documentElement.outerHTML

I have tried your code as is (added imports, of course) and it worked.
IE didn't show up in taskbar, url was loaded and outerHTML contained,
well, HTML :)

Test environment: Win2k, MSIE 6 and ActivePython 2.3.

- kv

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