Python "header" files

Donald 'Paddy' McCarthy paddy3118 at
Wed Jun 9 00:56:30 EDT 2004

beliavsky at wrote:
> Ideally, one can use someone's C++ code by just looking at the header
> files
> (which should contain comments describing the functions in addition to
> function definitions), without access to the full source code. Can
> analogs of C++ header files be created for Python code?
> Python "header" files could list only the 'def' statements and
> docstrings of Python functions and classes, but that does not tell you
> what the functions return. One could list the return statements as
> well, but there can be several of them in a function, and they often
> show HOW something is calculated, which is "too much information" for
> a header file.
> I wonder how Python projects with multiple programmers can be
> coordinated without giving all programmers access to all of the source
> code. I am currently working on one-man projects, but I am still
> interested in ways of separating interface from implementation.

You could use doctest:
- together with meaningful docstring comments and pydoc:

You might try help() in the interpreter on a few functions or modules 
for inspiration.

Cheers, Pad.

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