python+py2exe+pygame licensing ?

Chris S. chrisks at
Sat Jun 12 18:11:01 EDT 2004

Andrea Griffini wrote:

> Just a quick shoot... can I produce a "closed source"
> program using "core" python, pygame (and eventually psyco),
> packaging it by using py2exe and a custom installer ?
> A clear yes/no answer is something I'll be asked about
> when proposing python as an interesting alternative.
> If the answer is "no" (as I fear) what's the minimum
> of "opening" that must be done ?
> If the problem is pygame I may decide to rewrite the
> little part of it that I need as a python extension...
> Andrea

Since Python byte-code can be decompiled, I'm not sure how 
"closed-source" you could make a Python program. However, legally I see 
no reason why you couldn't try. The Python license puts no restrictions 
on closed sourcing. Py2exe and psyco are covered by the MIT license, 
which also doesn't restriction proprietary source. Pygame is licensed 
under the LGPL, so you the only source you'd have to release are the 
modifications you'd make to pygame itself, not the code utilizing the 
pygame API.

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