distutils + bdist_rpm + sdist

Chris Green cmg at dok.org
Wed Mar 24 22:34:58 CET 2004

Hey folks,

One common problem that I run into with python modules is bdist_rpm
fails because file XYZ is missing.  This seems to be because bdist_rpm
is build from the sdist [1].

I'm playing with the Pyrex module and bdist_rpm fails because of files
in the scripts=[list] directive not being included in the sdist.

How can I add files into the sdist without changing how scripts is
represented for bdist?

# Pyrex's setup.py

from distutils.core import setup
from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib
import os.path
dfile_dir = os.path.join(get_python_lib(prefix=''), 'Pyrex/Compiler')
    (dfile_dir, ['Pyrex/Compiler/Lexicon.pickle'])

[1]  http://www.python.org/doc/current/dist/sdist-cmd.html

Chris Green <cmg at dok.org>
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