Filemon-ish behavior by Python?

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at
Tue Mar 30 06:33:10 CEST 2004

> (For those who don't know what filemon is, it is a utility by System
> Internals that hooks into something and watches every file-access
> performed by the system (in this case, Win 2000), and outputs to the
> GUI the files being accessed).
> I like filemon, but I'd like it better if I could run it at the
> command line, and have the option of piping the output all over the
> place.  Does anyone out there know of an existing utility that can do
> this, or, barring that, can you point me to a good place to start on
> making such a tool using Python?  I'm not sure what I would have to
> hook into to watch these operations on the disk.

Unless you want to slow down your machine, you probably don't want to. 
Your computer can likely handle a few hundred thousand disk requests 
each second, which would result in a (relatively slow) Python callback 
for each of them.

In terms of how you would get access to such information, I don't know. 
  You may want to ask the System Internals guys.

  - Josiah

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