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Tue Mar 16 15:29:45 CET 2004

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>benoit wrote
>> I want to import and export Microsoft Excel files.
>> Are there libraries for this ?
>I'd be interested to hear if there are some good Python libraries which
>work with the ".xls" file format.  Python does have CSV, if you can
>achieve what you want by exporting the data in comma separated format
>and then manipulating it. 
>Also, there is pyXLWriter (though I haven't tried it): 
>I have considered that there must be great Java libraries for MS Office
>within the suite.  It would be sweet to be able to wrap
>some algorithms from OOo source in Python, but I am not sure of the
>licensing, nor quite where in that source to find the treasure.
>the .xls=>XML=>PDF (etc.) would be nice to have around...

All true--and in fact there are at least a few other approaches I
know have been successful.  benoit, do write back if you're still
having difficulties.

What currently interests me about this topic is the rumors I've 
been hearing that OpenOffice is exposing Python scriptability more
and more.  The target is not just that it work in a way we developers
can figure out, but so easily as to entice end-users.  I don't "get"
OpenOffice culture yet, but I'm moving in that direction.

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