ActivePython and Amara

Jay JMailone at
Fri Dec 16 00:12:03 EST 2005

i knew someone would snap on me... lol. Its not that i dibt ubderstand
all of python, its just that i dont understand this specific module
since i couldnt find any good tutorials on this specific module. its
not the whole programming part, its just the module. I made my program
jsut how i wanted it using amara and it did everything i wanted it to
do. Once again, i know much about python and i dont excactly need help
learning the basics of python because i know it, once again, its the
module i need help with... not all of python programming... if you want
i can post my program that i made without elementtree that used amara,
its just a simple program that took the top 5 rss feeds of and
wrote them to a document and then printed it using a batch file...

So, i understand youy fustration but i just want you to know that i do
understand most of python (not calling myself a pro but definatly no
noob), and that all i wanted was a reference to a quick tutorial that
had more advanced examples or the one module elementtree...

Thx again James. :-6

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