Eclipse best/good or bad IDE for Python?

John J. Lee jjl at
Sun Dec 4 20:03:55 EST 2005

Fabio Zadrozny <fabioz at> writes:
> I must also warn you that I'm its current maintainer, and it is *my* 
> favorite IDE :-)
> But in the end, as I said, it is a subjective matter, so, you'll have to 
> decide it for yourself.

Hey, Fabio, can this be true:

|------- Comment #4 From Chris McLaren  2003-01-08 10:43  [reply] -------
|this is not a key bindings issue anymore - key bindings can be fully 
|customized but vi emulation requires special support from the editor. closing 
|this pr - best step is to try and lobby vi emulation to the draft proposal.

They're kidding, right???  Can it be possible there's no free vi mode
for Eclipse??  If something so basic is missing from the core stuff,
gives me little hope emacs will be displaced as the Big Beast of
editors anytime soon...

The basis in Java makes me worry a tiny bit too.  First, Lisp plus the
'programmers scratch their own itch' model seems to have been very
successful in letting people Get the Job Done in Emacs.  More
important, I fear licensing issues will keep away Emacs hackers who
might otherwise switch and make the platform more usable for other
Emacs refugees.


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