The best way to do web apps with Python?

Joe Francia gmane-schpam at
Sat Jan 8 18:31:18 EST 2005

worzel wrote:
> What is the best way to web developemnt with Python? Is there
> anything close to PHP style in-page script placement that can create
> and use other Python objects? I am not really interested in Zope (I
> believe that is more a CMS than anything else?) I am also looking for
> something a little more structured than a series of CGI Scripts.
> While on the topic - what is the expectataion of Python for this kind
> of stuff? Would one use Python for certain other things but turn to
> PHP for web apps - or would one use their Python skills in place of
> PHP?

You may want to look here for some thoughts on the matter:

I lean towards Quixote and/or CherryPy, with ZODB as the storage.  Both
are conceptually similar (I'm comparing v2 of both), but I favor Quixote
just slightly more, mostly for Quixote's better form handling.  Cheetah 
is a very nice templating package, but in Quixote I just use its own 
PTL, since it's built-in.

If you wanted to stick with PHP for some reason, Drupal is a very nicely
designed framework (or CivicSpace, which is developed in parallel with 
Drupal, with a number of added-on features).



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