video analysis with python

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> Hi
> Am 16.01.2005 12:44:27 schrieb Miki Tebeka:
>> 1. There is PyMedia (
> Is this library able to extract single images from a video? AFAICS it
> can only convert videos from one format to another. But I didn't try it,
> I've looked only in the docu.
> Maybe pyVideo ( would be a
> solution. But for me the AVIFile-Module doesn't work stable, it
> regularly crashes the python-interpreter.
> And there is a library for accessing DirectShow called PyDShowCam.
> cu boesi

I haven't tried it yet, but yes its pretty full featured library, there is  
a tutorial here on extracting images:

Ashot Petrosian
University of Texas at Austin, Computer Sciences

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