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Terry Hancock hancock at anansispaceworks.com
Mon Jan 24 20:06:39 EST 2005

On Monday 24 January 2005 03:40 pm, Fredrik Lundh wrote:
> have you tried this, or are you just making things up to be able to continue
> the argument?  (hint: it doesn't work; python portability means that it's fairly
> easy to write programs that run on multiple platforms, not that they will run
> on all available platforms without porting and testing).

I don't know, they come pretty close. Problems with portability in pure-python
modules have been almost non-existent for me.  I almost never test on the
Windows platform, but I know some of my code is being used by Windows
users.  And I guess I won't start, really, because I haven't heard any complaints
about it breaking.

I *did* have a few problems with Zope packages running on FreeBSD, bizarrely
enough, given that it's in the "POSIX" family of OSs, and therefore seems very
similar on the surface.

And, well, I'm sorry Mr. Lundh, but your PIL module actually is something
of a pain to install still.  The OP is right about that.  Usually worth it, but I don't
like the fact that that pain is being passed on to the end-user of my software.

The fact that you got all snide and refused to work with me when I asked
for a copy of the autoconf sources to try to fix the problem didn't make me
too happy, either.  So, naturally, I just dropped it. I'm in no position to
pick it up now -- just don't need it badly enough now (AFAIK it's unchanged
still -- lately I've been using the Debian package though, so I don't have to
worry about it).

I know that you don't want PIL to go into the core, of course, but I'm pretty
sure that problem would've needed fixing, if it were to be introduced.

Small problem, trivial to fix, but that's what bothers me about it.


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