DOS problem (simple fix??)

Raymond L. Buvel levub137 at
Sat Jan 8 09:49:47 EST 2005

Robert Brewer wrote:
> Gavin Bauer wrote:
>>My DOS window (running in windows ME) closes the second it finishes
>>running my programs. As you can imagine, this makes it hard to see the
>>results. I've gotten in the habit of putting raw_input("Press enter to
>>exit") at the end of every program, and in addition to being pain in
>>the butt, it often fails to work. Being new to programming in general,
>>I make more mistakes than most people. My programs often have errors
>>before they get to my raw_input command. They then display the error
>>and immediately close. It is naturally a lot easier to fix an error
>>when you know what the error is. This makes debugging even more
>>annoying than it ordinarily would be, if you can imagine that. I've
>>heard that it should be a simple preference fix, but I've asked around
>>and no one seems to know how.
>>Thank you, and please make all answers simple enough to be understood
>>by a highschool student and his father :) .

For another solution try:

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