what would you like to see in a 2nd edition Nutshell?

Steven Chan mr_chan at uclink.berkeley.edu
Mon Jan 17 04:04:46 EST 2005

I completely agree. I'm also waiting for an advanced Python/project
management book that helps folks out with large-scale projects.

And, for the 2nd edition, may I suggest:
- coverage of OptionParser module, which is more advanced than the
getopt module that you discuss on page 141.
- better Mac OS X application building coverage. Tell us how to build
double-clickable applications.

I wish I could ask for wxPython coverage (the whole chapter on tkinter
is useless to me), but I won't start a flame war here.

:: steve ::

Mariano Draghi wrote:
> Alex Martelli escribió:
> >
> > Yes, good point... I _do_ plan another book after I'm done with the
> > ed Nutshell, though ti will mostly be about Design Patterns and
> > development methods so may not meet your exact desires...
> Now I'm anxious! *that* is the book I'm waiting for :)
> I think the Python community really needs such a book; you have
> of books and articles and papers and resources on-line with (almost)
> the bits & pieces. But I really miss a book that focuses in the
> "Pythonic way" of project management, design patterns, development
> cycles, QA... something targeted to the enterprise.

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