Firefox bug in webbrowser module on Ubuntu?!

Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at
Sun Jan 22 06:34:33 EST 2006

Paul Boddie napisał(a):

> There are certain ways to override the autodetection in use within that
> module, and a DESKTOP_LAUNCH environment variable can also be set to
> configure its behaviour further. Unfortunately, attempts to confirm the
> standardisation status of that variable failed to cut through the turf
> wars, newbie-bashing and MIME type hair-splitting on the xdg mailing
> list, but a Google search seemed to suggest that my application of it
> isn't inappropriate.

As this isn't yet actual standard but proposed only, I decided to give
my users ability to select preferred way to "open" media files, so even
running some exotic desktop (Fluxbox and FVWM are very popular choices
here) they can open urls from my application using either kfmclient,
gnome-open or custom defined command.

Jarek Zgoda

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